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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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it's a winner for the year. thanks forj3÷tj inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and you will still unafraid. this is3ó a fox news alert. that threatening monster snow storm has begun. more than 8 a million americans now in the path of this unforgiving blizzard. the massive storm gaining speed, growing stronger and changing minute by minute. "on the record" has live team coverage from the bulls eye of the storm. washington, d.c. and up and down the east coast. plus, a live update on thousands of flights cancelled nationwide. but, first, just how bad could it get? and what do you need to know? fox meteorologist janice dean is tracking it all. janice? >> here we are, greta. and it's happening. the storm itself has not even gotten its act together. the worse of it coming overnight and into tomorrow night. i want to give you some statistics here. the snowiest season for d.c.
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was back in the winter of 2009-2010, where they received 56 inches of snow. last season, 18.3 inches of snow. our forecast, anywhere from 20 to 30 inches of snow. and that could certainly put us at the top three for the largest snowfalls of all time for d.c. the largest being 1922 they call that the nic kerr bacher storm. 18992, 20 inches. the problem is we are not only going to have perhaps 20 to 30 inches of snow but blowing snow and winds in excess of 60 to 70 miles per hour along the coast. and that's why this is concerning. people are not going to be able to travel. this is going to be a 36-hour event. all snow for the d.c. area. let's take a look at it right now. current temperatures, in chawrltsville, seeing light snow. d.c. light snow, 23, again, a lot of people are looking out their window okay, here
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it is. no, it hasn't even really started yet. we are going to see on shore winds overnight tonight again in some cases close to 74 miles per hour. that is hurricane-force gusts overnight tonight. all along the coast. and that is going to cause some flooding concern. strong on shore winds combined with high tide is going[ño[w3 to cause some major flooding. a lot of these areas, of course, affected by sandy several years ago. this is going to be another big concern as we get through the next couple of days. winter weather advisoriesa posted for over a dozen states. the blizzard warnings here, greta, for 30 million people, including d.c., baltimore, philadelphia, up towards new york city and long island. that means we're going to see a period of time of over 35 to 40 mile-per-hour winds. at least three hours. and, again, this is going to reduce visibility. people are urged to stay indoors. some cases, greta, people could be hunkered down for days. here are some of the forecast models.
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again, one of the models, predicting over 30 inches here. incredible totals as we get up towards new york city. close to a foot. we will be here all night and we will keep you up to date. back to you. >> we haven't even gotten to the story about what happens when the the power goes out from all the icing. we will get to that in a moment. thank you. >> washington, d.c. looks like it will take the brunt of this monster storm as janice did said. griff jenkins is bracing the elements. he is out on the road to show you. how is it out there. >> well, greta, christian, if you can just show our viewers. we are on a major thoroughfare. the conditions honestly are not that bad yet. as janice indicated and as the officials here in washington, the mayor, emergency management folks, deadly storm. things are going to deteriorate very quickly. the mayor stressing to get off the road. a few hours ago she had a press conference saying there are too many people on the road in full disclosure, we're on the road to simply show our viewers the derek
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that's out here so that they can see and we will be getting off these roads. can you see the roads already. we measure with a rural, greta, it was about 3 inches. it's starting to get slick. we are seeing cars out here, but it's not terribly populated. some folks, i guess, getting home late. c.d. is our professional driver. how are the roads out here? >> it's slippery and it's not safe enough to drive like over 10 to 15 mile-per-hour. that's the safest you can drive. >> and that is a)q very important point c.d. is bringing up. should you have an emergency. should you have to be out on these roads, the number one rule you have to slow down and be prepared and make sure have you ice scraper, cell phone, water, maybe blankets, jumper cables, these sorts of things out here. now, another thing, christian, if you can show up here, there are a number of people actually out in the streets as we roll by, walking we saw some kids building a snowman.
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we saw folks walking their dog perhaps the last for the evening. we have seen snowplows out here. we will bring: you the images as they occur. greta? >> griff, thank you. and fox reporter jen is live in nashville where they got hit hard and the roads there are a mess. jen? >> in nashville, all of the city and state offices are closed right now. a different story on the broadway strip right behind me, actually, half of the bars in honky tonk central are open right now even though there is five inches of snow on the ground. this is the most snow middle tennessee has seenago2l in years so much that the office of emergency management activated early opened at a 7:30. just to get those snow plows on the road to start de-icing. as far as state officials, this storm hit a lot earlier than they expected. so early that a few of those c dot truck workers actually had to be picked up so they
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could get on the interstate and start clearing those roads. about 244 salt trucks from the state of tennessee working the middle tennessee area right now. that does not include those local salt and sand trucks. in new york city, this is a lot of snow for these drivers right now. back to you. >> jen, looks like extraordinary dangers and here just to recite what we already know is janice dean says this is going toyg/3lq a 36 hour event. just getting started. 74 mile-per-hour winds in some areas. we are all bracing. jen, thank you. and, of course, it's not just the snow. and it's not just the ice. it's flooding. also a giant worry along the east coast. fox affiliate chris o'connell is live in new jersey on the jersey shore. >> yeah, greta. residents here certainly bracing for this winter storm. actually here on the jersey shore beaches, the snow just started to fall just a few minutes ago, but the concern isn't with blizzard conditions here. it is with major predicted
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coastal flooding. pounding waves, and high winds. that has prompted officials here in barnegat, new jersey, mandatory evacuations of about 300 properties in low lying areas here. theyc: told those residents they must leave by 10:00 tonight. take a look at the beaches very quiet right now but things will change. keep in mind, there is only one road in and one road out of this part of the town. keep in mind, this is a community very sensitive to major storms. in fact, many homes here are still being rebuilt after hurricane sandy 3 plus years ago. so when you say storm, when you say nor'easter, you definitely have their attention. in fact, this boardwalk where we stand on right now wasn't even here before hurricane sandy. during hurricane sandy i would be had head high water right now. that's what they're afraid of. the big question, greta, will people leave during an evacuation, a mandatory evacuation. police were going door to door. and we are hearing people
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they are not going to leave. they have been through these storms, they say, but it is certainly troublesome. but the thing about it is police can't make you leave during a mandatory evacuation. they can only osay if you dial 911, if you have problems do not expect any help. you are on your own. the people here bracing to the only for a lot of snow predicted but heavy winds and major coastal flooding. it's going to be be a long weekend here along the jersey shore, greta. >> indeed. 74 mile-per-hour winds and anywhere from 65 to 8 a million people are in this path. 19 states with under blizzard warnings. you have got the governor of virginia saying don't go out on the roads. you have got the mayor, the districttu of columbia don't go out on the roads and mandatory evacuation there. the eastern seaboard is in deep trouble. we haven't even gotten started, chris, right now it looks relatively clear where you8"ú>smpñ are. we are just beginning to get it here in the district of columbia. this is punishing already and this is the beginning of
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the 36 hours. very concerned keep in mind when it's a regular high tide, greta, the water is right to where i am now. this is the only road. you can't see it's too dark. but there is water across theqç street. that's the only road. there is 300 people in here. the good part about it is that some of them are so not a lot of people in here. but up and down the east coast there is voluntarily evacuations especially in the beach community. it's going to be a rough one, the best idea anyone along the east coast, stay indoors this weekend. >> indeed, chris, thank you. and, of course, the viewers they were looking on the right hand side of the screen. that is the white house, the president like any other resident in the district of columbia is indoors and staying indoors. he is not going to be taking any helicopter to andrews or driving to andrews. is he going to be there like everybody else tonight. everybody is hunkered down in d.c. we are going to be coming back to these different areas. this powerful winter storm it is paralyzing everybody. it's paralyzing travel. every place around the
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country. fox news correspondent david lee miller is live at new york's laguardia airport. david? >> greta. the creaferls here at laguardia and elsewhere are going through the five stages of grief. it accept stance of the fact some 3,000. system wide. some 2,000 delayed and things are only going to get worse. take a look at the monitor here of departure. a third of the flights listed are cancelled. newark. those airports experiencing problems. if you have. stronger philadelphia. all flights cancelled for saturday, and there will be problems tomorrow, many cancellations at bwy, reagan as well as dulles dallas.
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we are told though that there will be a very different situation tomorrow, are going to resume. trying to be very hardd% giving up hope of leaving, others say they simply do not know. scheduled a flight out tomorrow and have to get home and tomorrow. >> my niece and my granddaughter, so i have to go to hotel now. i'm a tourist. i came from london to work to i thought i would go over the weekend to see my family. >> i want to get home to see my dad. >> speaking of the dollar. landed at o'hare and runway
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today. pictures you are taking a look at now. were no injuries. underscores perils of winter travel. those who do not get out of the northeast in the next few hours. probably will not be able to do so for at least the next several days. greta? >> david lee, i mean, if any chance to get back to normal tomorrow, even if we could get through the storm and they are0aç anticipating 36 hours which is going to be incredible. all these planes have to be repositioned across the country. this is going to tie up air travel well beyond the storm. >> you are absolutely right. there is -- we have heard this talked about at length. we have to restate it. the domino effect. even areas of the country that might not be directly affected by this storm could very well experience flight delays and cancellations because the airlines have
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had had to move their equipment and in many instances they have to relocate it to cities that will now have to suffer delays and cancellations even though the weather there is not bad. this will take several days to sort out. the only silver lining, if there is one here, is that the airlines almost all of them say no fees or penalties for the changes in eye continue rathers. you would "itineraries. what they are willing to do to accommodate passengers as they say check with your local carrier. >> the advice i heardzz?+ neil cavuto give abby huntsman go to the food court there is enjoy laguardia. >> let's go back to the bulls eye of this storm. washington, d.c. fox news correspondent period doocy is live. peter, where are you? >> greta, we are up in northeast d.c. not far from catholic at the salt dome. this is where all the
4:14 pm
powerful people are relying on having clean roads they are not going to slide off of. it starts here and throughout the day. one of the busiest people in washington, d.c. or the busiest person has been the guy driving that scoop2ç loader. this is the longest break we have seen him have since this morning. going in and getting a big load of salt. several thousand pounds at a time and going out and loading up a steady stream of these trucks deployed throughout the day. they were really busy before the storm started falling but we have seen them throughout the evening as well. part of the 750 employees, 345 pieces of equipment. they are all fighting really the biggest storm forecast to be the biggest storm in their lifetime. but as the big machines key ploy to try to roads, make sure it's salt)xñçç brine and
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beet juice. local traffic was begging listeners to pull over and let the trucks do their jobs. the city wanted people to start seeking shelter for the whole weekend starting at 3:00 p.m. some people though, like griff jenkins still out driving. driving looks tough getting tougher. only way to get around. bus service suspended all weekend. metro rail service longest since opening 40 years ago. the city is going to plan to park the trains under ground in the tunnels to protect them from the elements. so really, starting now, no way to get around. and nowhere to go. greta? >> looks just awful. peter, thank you. well, okay, how about this week's nfc championship game? it's scheduled for sunday in charlotte, north carolina. and right now they are getting slammed by this storm. fox charlotte zach groff is live at the stadium. zach? >> hey, greta, it's actually
4:16 pm
not too bad right now. on and off all day. we have been getting a steady mix of freezey rain, snow and ice plan cetedding the whole area. there has been a bit of accumulation outside the stadium. bank of america stadium here. the team tweeted out a picture earlier today with the field completely covered in snow with the caption "we'll be ready" now the team practiced as normal today. they were outside in the conditions, running their normal schedule for friday before playoff game. so that wasn't affected at all. one thing we have noticed though is the effects on ticket sales. audience. it's on resale websites. we have been seeing a bit of a dip in prices with some fans concerned about whether or not they will actually be able to make it out to the game. now for fans traveling on to friday, makes perfect sense, especial will he with all the flight cancellations here in charlotte for people those fears might be a bit overstated. what we have seen, and what i have heard from our fox 46
4:17 pm
weather team is that on saturday, this is expected, all the prescription to stop about late morning, early afternoon. and on sunday on game day, we are expecting1 clear, but chilly conditions for this nfc championship game. >> let me say zach, tongue in cheek to the cardinals they better get. they certainly understand that type of weather. anyway, i say tongue in cheek. zach, thank you. and we will be watching that game. and "on the record" is tracking this crippling blizzard that's pounding the east and the south right now. the storm is changing by the minute. your fox forecast plus our team on the ground takes you straight to the bulls eye. new fox news national poll for 2016 is donald trump still on top and how are the stacking up? those results are next. plus, an american college student arrested in north korea. what north korea is accusing him of is coming up.
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"on the record" is keeping an eye on this dangerous winter storm because more than 85 million americans are in the storm's path. we will bring you the forecast plus "on the record" will take you back outside into the this powerful storm. and it's not just weather that's breaking tonight. it's also brand new poll numbers just out. the new fox news national poll of republican primary voters out tonight shows donald trump with a 34%. senator ted cruz, a whopping
4:22 pm
14 points behind trump at 20 %. senator marco rubio third place 26 points behind trump with 8%. governor jeb bush and governor kasich tied at 4%. sitting at 3% or less. the "on the record" political panel is here. town sky benson from the "washington times" stephen dinan. the polls are not changing that much in the last few days. >> that's exactly right. there is a lot of stability. in your poll, going back to november and december. we have not seen a lot of movement. basically since the beginning of december on these. most interesting thing in the poll is actually beneath the top numbers you see that folks are less inclined to be anti-trump. you are seeing more folks actually stomach trump as a second choice. the other thing that's going on is the cruise voteititi[ú sort of interesting here. seeing some of what we saw in 2012. a guy at the top in that case it was romney and saw
4:23 pm
republicans testing other candidates against him a lot of the vote has moved to cruz in october and november went from carson to cruz. the sort of drop you are seeing in cruz right now may be the beginnings of them trying to test another candidate. we have to wait and a see. >> sky, if some of the carson votes did go to senator ted cruz 8%. stillj(z(holding on and he says he is still in the game. who does get that 8%? that. >> that remains to be seen. and when people start to leave this race when the field win knows when that will be we don't know. after iowa, after new hampshire. people will go somewhere. i think it's interesting. steve is right. when you look at these numbers in the national poll that we just put up on the screen, they are virtually unchanged from the last fox news poll nationally. i'm curious to see how these numbers will move after iowa, after new hampshire when someone or some ones will have significant momentum. i think that might shake up the national numbers. people want to jump on the bandwagon. >> even locally in new hampshire trump is winning
4:24 pm
by lead. they mirror the national poll. >> in iowa you have got basically a neck and neck race between cruz and trump. i think trump has the momentum there it's pretty clear. cruz has a very strong ground game in that state. cruz has to win iowa for him to have a long-term prospect to it beat trump. if trump wins iowa. that could be although wrote. >> steve, in the democratic party, it's thought that hillary clinton can lose iowa and new hampshire and still between up in the south. in the republican party, is it the same way that someone -- that the other candidates could lose iowa and new hampshire to trump? does he have a lot of fear come the next primaries? >> we have actually started seeing some polling in some of the -- the non-top three states. and trump is leading just about all of those polls. georgia, florida, i think he and ted cruz are actually tied what we have seen in utah. maryland a bunch of states with trump is leading there national numbers are translating to the rest of the country. so, it's possible.
4:25 pm
and the main thing is when we start seeing the winnowing of the field. we are still at 10 candidates or so. that's a big field at this point. when you start seeing the winnowing, it's possible another candidate could consolidate but we have to wait and see. stephen andxmç guy, stay with us. donald trump is getting support from big celebrities? does that really help a candidate? that's next. live coverage of the massive snow storm is barreling up the east coast and taking no prisoners. 8 a million americans in its path. stay right here for your forecast. .. create a vehicle that looks, drives and thinks like nothing else on the road. the all-new glc. the suv the world has been waiting for.
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crippling winter storm dumping ice and snow throughout the south and east. blizzard warnings up and down the east coast. was9 hit. "on the record" has that coming up. now to politics. conservative celebrities lining up to throw their support to donald trump. earlier this week, donald trump locked in former alaska governor sarah palin and now trump is getting an endorsement from the quack attack. willie robinson saying trump is his guy. >> this man needs no introduction. the man i'm standing by this year to be the next president of the united states. to help make america great again. >> donald trump, he has s. talking about the issues that matter. issues that you and i talk about. things are going to be different when he is elected. >> the man i have the honor of introducing is not afraid to tell it like it is. he is not very politically
4:30 pm
correct. he is very bold. he loves his country. and he firmly stands behind the second amendment. >> he, finally, is the candidate that we can count on to be be the president for all americans. >> do these big name endorsements have an impact? do they get votes? undecide to do vote for a candidate or change his or her vote. what about these endorsements for donald trump? michele bachmann goes "on the record." good evening, and i should say that willie robertson endorsed cruz. one for cruz and one for trump. >> do these celebrity endorsements matter? >> you know, i think that they are important fill-in for a lot of reasons. but i think ultimately people make their mind up, greta, based on what is the message? what is the demeanor? can i trust this person? will they do what they said they are going to do? i think there is really one thing that stands out above
4:31 pm
all others to explain the trump phenomena. that's because trump understands one of the biggest concerns that americans are looking at today, democrats, independents, and the republicans is is this issue of unmitigated immigration. he put his finger on that. he hasn't pulled back, despite the criticism. and people want to know. who is going to do something about this issue? but, more importantly, who is going to stop the obama agenda and so people are looking at cruz, and trump, and making their minds up now in the next probably 60 to 90 days. >> aren't jobs more important though? i mean, you know, i mean, as much as people care about things, those other issues, i mean, isn't the first my kid have a job? can he pay off student loans. loftier issues that may not be so immediate to me. isn't jobs the most important? >> well, that's always been the number one issue in year after year after year, jobs thing.
4:32 pm
this is very different. ago said that terrorism was the number one issue that people face. particularly after internt and after the terrorist attack. people have a heightened concern and that ties in with immigration. of course people are concerned about the economy. but i think, again, they reject the obama prescription for the economy. they look at a fighter like ted cruz. they look at a businessman like trump and say these are two guys we think can do the job. >> all right. the national review has lack of better description anti-trump manifesto and has 22 conservatives who wrote articles about it and some people in the beltway think this has a great significance in terms of setting conservative agenda. i don't think anyone in my hometown reads any of these people. i don't think it's going to move a vote. i don't know. so you tell me. does this national review online have an anti-trump manifesto mean anything to
4:33 pm
the voters, do you think, in iowa? >> well,(y certainly people listen to glenn beck. certainly people listen to eric erickson. there is a lot of great magazine, thomas seoul, for instance. does it have an impact? yes, it does. ultimately the bigger impact is the candidate themselves. i think ultimately trump is only going to be strengthened. cruz will only be strengthened. i really believe we are at a two man race now. past iowa and new hampshire the rest of these races are going to poll pretty fast. we are going to know pretty soon who our nominee is. >> i think glenn beck and eric erickson gives donald trump more ammunition. he loves these fights and he is going to dig right back into the background and talk all about them. i don't know. i think he is clever. so i think this is going to be more interesting, not less interesting. anyway, congresswoman, thank you for joining us. >> thanks so much, greta. >> and less than a week after iran released american
4:34 pm
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right now 30 million americans under blizzard warning and 8 a million total in the path of this storm. is snow, ice all powerful storm whipping its way up the coast. nation's capitol -- capital is bracing for the worst. developing right now, an american college student arrested in north korea. otoo, a new at 5:30 of virginia taking in custody in pyongyang. north korean state media is saying the american is guilty of carrying out a hostileúwq%ç act. how can we get him home. ric grenell goes "on the
4:39 pm
record." and having been to north korea three times and covered all these stories of americans in custody, this young man is in deep trouble tonight. >> yeah, the one thing we can count on is that you will stay on the story, greta, thank you very much for covering. this look, hostile act like he is being accused of could easily be signing on to the internet. so, we know that the north koreans have a history of inflaming this problem right when they are in international negotiations. the security council right now is debating what kind of sanctions to put on north korea for their past missile tests. so the security council needs to speed it up and we all need to unite around getting this individual home. >> you know, it's not a fair fight though. you say hostile act can be something like logging on to the internet. it could also be nothing. they just say it's a hostile act. and they put their to the on our throat and this whole sort of sanctions game with the u.n. they don't, quote, play fair. >> no, they don't at all.
4:40 pm
i actually think signing on to the internet is an innocent act. but you are right, it would be absolutely nothing. it could be grabbing an american. look, the north koreans are batching what's been happening in iran. they realize that this pa.e themselves have been able to sit across the table from the americans. they have been able to get a lot of money, have legitimacy by sitting across that table, and now iran is brought back in to the fold and looks like a legitimate country because of this iran deal. so the north koreans are hungry for a deal like that. they areiñh3 going to do everything they can it replicate whether or not it's drew that we did this hostage swap for money in iran. i actually think that it was part of the negotiation. but, clearly, the slippery slope has started. and the price forñtgomç an american is going up with every single case. >> so what would you do at this point? >> well with, for one thing, i would not formalize the
4:41 pm
hostage process like the obama administration has. they have taken it inside the state department. they have put foreign service officers in to a bureau. there is now a hostage bureau and we have signaled to the world that we have a formal process if you take an american. that just means that countries like iran and north korea are going to want to sit across the table. they will want to start that negotiation. they want to have the americans sit on the other side and have this whole process act like the north koreans are a will he yet mat country. to answer your question, what i would do is we have got to play warfare. we need to bring down the government censors in north korea, i would say china and a cuba and every other place. we have the technology. we should be able to do it bring down the censors andbñ let people see free media and see what's going on outside their country. >> rick, thank you for joining us. donald trump, ted cruz feud heating up. now they are taking their fight to the airways, that's next. states of emergency up and
4:42 pm
down the east coast one big city mayor warning this could be a matter of life or death. the evershifting forecast coming up.
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4:46 pm
the tense relationship between donald trump and senator ted cruz is sizzling the two g.o.p. candidates trading blows. donald trump releasing his first attack ad aimed ñk >> senator ted cruz ad right back at donald trump.
4:47 pm
>> fancy term for politicians seizing private property to enrich the fat cats to bank roll them like trump. >> i think eminent domain is wonderful you. >> it made him rich likeyçç when trump colluded with insiders to bull doze the home elderly willed doe for limousine. >> trump won't change the system. he's what's wrong with it. >> the "on the record" political panel is back. town sky benson and from "the washington times" steven dine ma'am. is that a draw? >> i don't think so. i mean, the eminent domain attack on trump effects me. i'm not a huge fan of trump to begin with. maybe you are trying to corrode his appeal every man looks out for little guy a lot of his business dealings did not. overall the trump attack on cruz which by the way the rubio campaign says thank you very much. they have been trying to make case on inconsistency.
4:48 pm
now trump is dredging up the same videos from 2013 that lands a harder punch. >> two things. interesting we are still talking about immigration. backs up what congresswoman bachmann was saying earlier. this issue does matter for republican primaryôç[ç voters. specifically on comparing the two ads. look, if you are ted cruz, and you have to begin your ad with a definition of what imminent domain means. you2zfçíkç;ç are probably losint fight. there is a good story there to tell. we are going to become more familiar with the woman that was shown in there coker who fought trump on this limousine parking lot essentially. there is a good story there to tell. but that ad doesn't get it done. what we are learning from this is ted cruz, -- i'm sorry, donald trump does know how to do negative ads. it shouldn't surprise us but that's a pretty good ad. >> interesting immigration is an important issue. i still do not understand why jobs is not -- i don't hear much about jobs. >> they tie immigration to jobs. >> that's right. that makes sense.
4:49 pm
>> that's the whole trump story are there. >> and national security. >> that's right. it's actually hitting the two biggest issues. they are using immigration as a proxy to say i'm looking out for you. both on the economy and also on national defense. >> is there anything that governor jeb bush can do or governor kasich or. >> hope that the other guys stumble and everybody turns to a nontrump candidate and they are the only guys left. because they have tried everything they can to actually stand out on their own and it's not worked. >> they have to surprise in new hampshire. big, big surprise and get some attention that way. >> that might actually happen.2giiur i have seen two polls one with governor kasich doing pretty well with. donald trump still winning and one with governor christie doing well. >> we saw that with christie though earlier and he is now some of them have him falling back again. so, look, we're going to keep testing nontrump candidates. >> that's going to be interesting. especially the next 8 days or so. anyway, guy, stephen, thank you very much. a campaign flash, new jersey taking a break from the campaign trail but not from work. governor christie is heading
4:50 pm
back to new jersey as his home state is prepping to get slammed with a powerful winter storm. and governor jeb bush releasing a new campaign ad with a very familiar face. his mother. former first lady barbara >> jeb has been a very good father, a wonderful son. hard worker. his heart is big. when push comes to shove, people going to realize jeb than talking about how popular they are, how great they are. he is doing it. >> that last line can be seen as a shot at donald trump. and to the democrats, the state department asking a district court for a one month extension to publish the last of secretary blaming the expected three day blizzard for the need for one month. and that's tonight's flash. each night take you straight to the candidates in the campaign flash. and coming up, monster winter storm still pounding the east coast getting faster and stronger.
4:51 pm
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this is a fox news alert. that massive winter storm is slamming the east coast and it's getting stronger. fox news meteorologist janice scene' watching it all. >> i hope you are goings to be hunkering down for the next 36 hours. it's a bulls eye across parts of west virginia and virginia. some areas across kentucky and tennessee have received over 18 inches of snow. and this storm has not even really cranked up yet. so that's what we're going to watch overnight tonight as the low comes offshore, classic nor'eastertwóo setup. and we're going to see snow, 36 hours in the d.c. area. that's sunday at 1:00 a.m. and we are still dealing with snow potentially for new jersey, up toward new york and long island and then into massachusetts and connecticut. but we think further north, of new york, that's where
4:56 pm
the storm totals are going to come down a little bit. however, we are going to see very gusty winds. in some cases 50 to 60, 70 miles per hour. for an extended length of time. so not only coastal flooding, but blizzard conditions for hours. so you areurç not going to be able to shovel in and around the coastal areas of parts of new jersey, delmarva peninsula, up towards long island, new york, in to cape cod and the islands. winter weather advisories for 18 states right now, greta. 70 million people affected. 30 million people under blizzard warnings right now. meaning we are going to see winds in excess of 30, 40, up to 70 miles per hour for several hours overnight tonight. and in to tomorrow. travel is going to be crippled across many of these cities. so here's our forecast snowfall right now. again, charlottesville 20 to 30. 20 to 30 inches in d.c. that would put it at the top three. the top three biggest snowfall totals in d.c.
4:57 pm
and right now, new york looks like 10 to 16. 18 to 24 for philadelphia. a lot of us are going to be talking about this winter storm to our grand kids. it's going to be historic snow storm and we want everyone to be be safe, including you, greta. >> all right. thank you. i'm worried about the power for everybody. anyway, janice, thank you. to see just how bad this storm is here in washington. i did take a8ómçw7kç quick trip outside to look at the elements. >> you know how i look to actually go out and see the story. so i jumped out of the studio. it's about a half an hour before show time. wisconsin blood out of that studio, it is wicked here in washington, d.c. and the conditions are only deteriorating. and if the problem is it's not just coming down fast and the worst is yet to come. but the problem is that the snow is making the roads like ice. it's like a skating rink and treacherous. they will only get worse. look, i'm fine. i'm lucky. but i worry about people who live alone. i worry about people who are on the road. i worry about people if
4:58 pm
their pets are outside. this is a very dangerous time. we really should heed all the warnings here in the district of columbia. this is dangerous. what's it like out there right now? let's check back in with griff jenkins. he is out there on the snowiy streets of d.c. griff? >> you are right. the conditions are deteriorating. if you will pan outside the window. snow coming heavier. it's wet, and it's blowing harder. it's not whiteout conditions we were going to see. it's getting worse. and as the mayor said this is life threatening. this is dangerous, deadly storm. folks need to get off the road and stay off of snow emergency routes like this major road that we are on, greta. >> how much snow, griff? >> that's a good question, greta. i'm going to very quickly jump out of the car and give you a reader. we have a ruler. let me just take a look.w"( about four and a half at this point, greta. four and a half towards 5.
4:59 pm
that is unofficial. but, cold, it's snowy, and it's dangerous out here. >> and dangerous all over the city. one thing i keep talking about is when those power lines go down and people don't have heat and i'm terrified about that griff, thank you investment. washington, d.c. and all these other nations -- or all these other states under alert, 7 a to 80 million people. the winds are going to be absolutely horrible for all these states. and blizzard-like conditions. and evacuation orders in new jersey. the governor of virginia says get off the streets, mayor of d.c. says get off the streets, unless, of course, you have a business reason or emergency reason to be there. but, be very careful out there. everybody, tonight. fox news is going to continue to cover this storm because as janice dean says, we're just getting started. this is the beginning of a 36 hour storm hitting all over up and down the east coast. fox news will have all the latest all weekend long. all night long.
5:00 pm
instant updates on this monday store storm, but that's all for now. up next, the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c.hoççç ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special 2016 election edition of the factor, the republican primary outlook. let's get right to the top story. the political war brewing in the g.o.p. the conservative wing of the party is setting itself apart from other republicans anddx[ç independents as it launches a major offensive against donald trump. when trump entered the 2016 race last june, many saw him as a joke. but he shot straight to the top of the polls. and now those same people see him as a threat. to the dismay of some republicans, trump's calls to arrest and deport


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